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After failing miserably at trying to like most music schools, Olo decided to dedicate herself completely to composing and producing her own music, as well as developing learning techniques and methods that fit the individual, as opposed to the other way around. Which resulted in a philosophy nicknamed "Mixed Musical Arts" - wherein, music is not divided further into categories of genre, for its purpose is to connect, rather than divide. Iva Olo is a guitarist, singer, composer, producer, song-writer and experienced concert artist. She has had many concerts and taken part in numerous events (Burning Man Netherlands WTSS 2017, G-Spot 14th Anniversary @Auslage Wien, Popfest Wien, Festspiele Stockerau, Sunday Jam Vienna., Phat Jam Vienna..), as well as collaborations with many amazing artists.  

Living the dream has only just begun. 

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