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art by Iva Olo

Iva Olo is a musical performer, composer and producer born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia and now based in Vienna, Austria. The artist has notably collaborated with Storror, N-Jin, Snak the Ripper, Dubblestandart and Lee Scratch Perry, Physical Theater Complicit (Odeon Theather), etc. and has shared events and stages with Kitana Project, Tritha, EsRap, Jasmo, Hertzinger, LVNDK1ND, Jeanne D'Arte, Marley Wildthing, The Monday Orchestra, Bility and many others. She was featured in an interview by Music Austria and Skug Magazine in 2023 as the fastest rapper in Vienna though she herself denies it. Her music was also featured in the high-end documentary about Austrian climber Barbara Zangerl "Same same but different", a production by Alpsolut Pictures. Invited to perform on many stages, including: Chamber music state competition in Opatija, Croatia (absolute first prize with quartet), Sofar Sessions, Popfest Wien (with Dubblestandart and Lee Scratch Perry), Wiener Musikverein (Uno.Due.Tre), Burning Man Netherlands as well as local Viennese venues like: The Loft, Kramladen, Flex, USUS am Wasser, Loop, B72, Venster99, rhiz, and many others. Once upon a time working with the now massively successful group "Séquence", Iva still works as a youth worker in Vienna. She has also produced her own albums and singles profusely in 2022/2023, publishing them on Spotify and her Youtube channel, which got some renown for her popular remixes of famous Storror dub anthem "just do it dont back out" and Leon Edwards' "Look at me now" famous post title-win speech.

Rebelliously taking part in the ongoing global musical movement that redefines the norm of the musical form, supported by concepts based on inclusion rather than division. ("olo" in the Greek language means "all-round, whole, total, complete")

Iva’s Pages:

YouTube channel

Official Spotify Artist Page

Bandcamp page

All references are available upon request , feel free to say hi! or subscribe.

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