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With a fascination for all styles from a young age, Olo decided to dedicate herself completely to composing and producing her own music, as well as developing learning techniques and methods that fit the individual's unique movement through the spacetime continuum. Iva Olo is an instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, producer and performer. She has taken part in numerous events (Burning Man Netherlands WTSS 2017, Popfest Wien, Festspiele Stockerau, Sunday Jam Vienna., Phat Jam Vienna, Events @ Kramladen, Loop, The Loft, Flex, C. 1019, rrr, EKH, Venster99, NOTE15, NaNang in Vienna..)

and collaborated with many amazing artists:  (Musikverein UNO.DUE.TRE, Jonathan Bolivar, Lee "Scratch" Perry & Dubble Standart , N-Jin, Snak the Ripper, Sequence, Physical Theater Complicit, Physical Theater Side Effect, Odeon Theater, Wien Woche,   

hello-charlie-ep         <check out this lovely EP from N-Jin, where Iva's guitar is sampled by the legendary beatmaker.

If you wish to collaborate or contact Iva, send your samples and project ideas to

Iva’s Pages:

YouTube channel


Bandcamp page

Patreon page

All references are available upon request , feel free to say hi! or subscribe.

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photo by @paayarazi 


photo by Iva Olo

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